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Touring Artist Shedule: Thibaut Garcia
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Thibaut Garcia

Guitar Foundation of America Winner

Concert Tour Schedule


Date City State Country Event
6/22/16 Denver CO USA Concert
9/10/16 Scranton PA USA Concert
9/14/16 Louisville KY USA Master Class
9/15/16 Louisville KY USA Concert
9/16/16 Louisville KY USA Master Class
9/18/16 Cincinnati OH USA Concert
9/19/16 Cincinnati OH USA Master Class
9/21/16 Oberlin OH USA Concert
9/22/16 Oberlin OH USA Master Class
9/24/16 Pensacola FL USA Concert & Master Class
9/26/16 Greensboro NC USA Concert
9/27/16 Greensboro NC USA Master Class
10/1/16 St. Louis MO USA Concert
10/2/16 St. Louis MO USA Master Class
10/4/16 Buies Creek NC USA Concert
10/7/16 Portland OR USA Concert
10/10/16 Fullerton CA USA Master Class
10/11/16 Anaheim CA USA Master Class
10/13/16 Indianapolis IN USA Concert
10/14/16 Indianapolis IN USA Master Class
10/19/16 Phoenix AZ USA Master Class
10/19/16 Glendale AZ USA Master Class
10/21/16 Flagstaff AZ USA Concert
10/22/16 Phoenix AZ USA Concert
10/25/16 Kalamazoo MI USA Master Class
10/27/16 Kalamazoo MI USA Concert
10/29/16 Detroit MI USA Master Class
10/30/16 Detroit MI USA Concert
11/3/16 Grand Rapids MI USA Concert
11/4/16 Youngstown OH USA Concert
11/5/16 Youngstown OH USA Master Class
11/6/16 Hartford CT USA Concert
11/7/16 Hartford CT USA Master Class
11/9/16 Williamsburg VA USA Concert
11/10/16 Norfolk VA USA Master Class
11/11/16 Norfolk VA USA Concert
11/12/16 Syracuse NY USA Concert
11/14/16 Charleston SC USA Concert
12/1/16 Madison WI USA Concert
12/2/16 Madison WI USA Master Class
12/6/16 Jonesboro AR USA Concert
12/7/16 Jonesboro AR USA Master Class
12/10/16 Minneapolis MN USA Concert
1/11/17 Victoria BC CAN Concert
1/14/17 Austin TX USA Concert
1/21/17 Houston TX USA Concert
1/22/17 San Antonio TX USA Concert
1/23/17 San Antonio TX USA Master Class
1/25/17 Stuart FL USA Master Class
1/26/17 Stuart FL USA Concert
1/28/17 Miami FL USA Concert
1/29/17 Tallahassee FL USA Concert
1/30/17 Tallahassee FL USA Master Class
2/3/17 Tampa FL USA Concert
2/4/17 Sarasota FL USA Concert
2/6/17 Denver CO USA Concert
2/7/17 Denver CO USA Master Class
2/9/17 Québec City QC CAN Concert
2/11/17 Vancouver BC CAN Concert
2/13/17 Cheyenne WY USA Master Class
2/14/17 Cheyenne WY USA Concert
2/17/17 San Jose CA USA Concert
2/18/17 Orange County CA USA Concert
3/3/17 Tucson AZ USA Concert
3/4/17 Tucson AZ USA Master Class
3/10/17 Columbus OH USA Concert
3/11/17 Evanston IL USA Concert
3/12/17 Evanston IL USA Master Class
3/15/17 New York City NY USA Concert
3/17/17 Sudbury ONT CAN Master Class
3/17/17  Sudbury ONT CAN Concert
3/18/17 Sudbury ONT CAN Private Lessons
3/21/17 Hidalgo HGO MEX Concert
3/22/17 Hidalgo HGO MEX Master Class
3/24/17 Brownsville TX USA Master Class
3/24/17 Edinburg TX USA Concert
3/25/17 Brownsville TX USA Concert
3/28/17 Monterrey NA MEX Concert
3/29/17 Monterrey NA MEX Master Class
4/1/17  Providence RI USA Concert/Master Class
4/2/17 Albany NY USA Concert
4/4/17 Buffalo NY USA Concert
4/6/17 Edmonton BC CAN Concert
4/7/17 Edmonton BC CAN Master Class
4/8/17 Calgary BC CAN Concert
4/9/17 Calgary BC CAN Master Class
4/13/17 Albuquerque NM USA Concert
4/20/17 Winnipeg MB CAN Concert
4/21/17 Winnipeg MB CAN Master Class
4/22/17 Wilmington DE USA Concert
4/23/17 Wilmington DE USA Master Class


This schedule will continue to be updated - please check back for updated tour dates

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