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Soundboard Scholar No. 3 (2017): Copublished Figures and Documents
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Soundboard Scholar No. 3 (2017)

Copublished Figures and Documents

Cover of Soundboard Scholar No. 3

Here you will find extra figures and documents to accompany articles in Soundboard Scholar No. 3 (2017). To obtain the complete journal in PDF, visit our Digital Downloads page.

A Newly Discovered Letter of 1827 by Fernando Sor

by Erik Stenstadvold

The author has sent the following comment as an addendum:

When discussing the date of Sor’s letter, 1 April 1827, I neglected to acknowledge (in Comment on p. 9) the calendar difference between Russia and Western Europe. Having written this letter in St. Petersburg, Sor would probably have dated it according to the Julian calendar, which was officially used in Russia at the time. There was a discrepancy of twelve days with the Gregorian calendar, and this would imply 13 April as the letter’s actual date according to Western-European practice. So most likely the letter took about two and a half weeks to reach Meissonnier in Paris, not a full month as I had suggested.

Oslo, 5 Feb 2018

Andrés Segovia's Unfinished Guitar Method: Placing His “Scales” in Historical Context

by Andreas Stevens

  • SbS03. Segovia 1. Estudios de Técnica Elemental – Primer Cuaderno, Escalas diatonicas (Buenos Aires: Romero y Fernandez, no plate number or date, [?pre-1928])

Guitar Music Manuscripts in the Senate Library of Madrid…

by Ricardo Aleixo

  • SbS03. SorOp7. Complete two-stave first edition of F. Sor’s Fantaisie pour la guitare… [Op. 7] (Paris: Pleyel, 1814), courtesy Luis Briso de Montiano

Guitar Music in Collections: A New Web-based Index is Launched

by Ellwood Colahan

  • SbS03. Colahan essay: “The Way We Were: A Review of Early Efforts to Find Classical Guitar Music in Collections,” by Ellwood Colahan
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