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Digital Back Issues, 1974-1992
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Volume 19 (1992)

$3 per issue

No. 1: The Guitar in Latin America: A Personal View (Carlos Barbosa-Lima). Dominant Delay in Villa-Lobos' Etude 7 (Todd Russell). How to Avoid Overuse Syndrome in Guitar Playing (Alicia Kopfstein-Penk). The Commercial Guitarist (Richard Taesch) (series). Folksongs from the Appalachians (Richard Matteson Jr.). Philip Bone Writes Ethel L. Olcott About The Guitar & Mandolin (Compiled and annotated by Ronald Purcell).


No. 2: A Question of Repertoire (David Norton). The Sound of the Guitar (Paul Hurley). Speed (John Duarte). Michael Curtis Abroad: Curtis Talks to Sylvie Morel about his travels to Spain, Turkey, Uruguay and Ecuador. 


No. 3: An Interview with Ernesto Cordero (Lawrence Del Casale). After Columbus - The Musical Journey (Richard Pinnell). "Of Discoveries" A Talk with the Castellani-Andiraccio Duo and Composer Roberto Sierra (Edwards Ruchalski). Cites Regulation of Brazilian Rosewood (R. E. Brune). Minimizing Left-Hand Tension (Kevin Vigil).


No. 4: Editing Guilio Regondi's Ten Etudes (John Holmquist). The Secret of Tuning by Harmonics (David Dolata). Preparing for Graduate School (Douglas Bell). Overuse Syndrome: Sensible Solutions? (Alison Bert). 


Volume 18 (1991)

$3 per issue

No. 1: William Foden's Guitar Idiom (John Greene). The Guitar Recital in the 90s (David Norton). A New Transcription of Schubert's Op. 171: Sylvie Morel/Stephen Aron. Manuel Ponce & the Cabezon Mystery (J. Alberto Ubach). David Rodgers: Master of the Machine Head (Cliff Guttridge). 


No. 2: Concerning Two Ballets by Sor (Marc Van de Cruys). Darius Milhaud's Segoviana (Jim Ferguson). It Was a Good Century (Armand Qualliotine). 


No. 3: The Guitar America as Mirrored in Cadenza (1894-1924) (Peter Danner). Calculating Fret Positions (John Lineburger). Transcribing the Bach Cello Suites (James Tosone). Ferdinando Carulli and the Guitar Song (Paul Hurley). Gut & Steel: The Lute in the Industrial Midwest (Michael Curtis). 


No. 4: An Interview with David Leisner (John Holkeno). The Editing of Joaquin Rodrigo's "Concerto de Aranjuez" (Douglas Bell). Sonata Form and Musical Interpretation: Ponce's "Sanata Clasica" (Leo Welch). Roberto Aussel: In Conversation with Mary Criswick. Surviving Freelance (John Stover). 


Volume 17 (1990)

$3 per issue

No. 1: The Guitar in Sweden (Kenneth Sparr). An Interview with Sergio Abreu. Bach's Method of Transcription (Philip Hii). 


No. 2: Guitarra Granada Ole! (Lisa Hurlong). Classical Guitar in St. Louis 1870-1900 (Douglas Back). Composition Competitions (John Duarte). 


No. 3: The Guitar in Yugoslavia (Uros Dojcinovic). Poloneza by I. Padovee. Music Theory for Young Children (Sharon Carne). Remembrances of Jim (Julius Gido) (Richard Pattie). Antoine de l'Hoyer: Detective Story & Checklist (Matanya Ophee). The Practical Theorist: Harmonic Pacing in Bach's Prelude, BWV 998 (Justin London). Incantation by William Kraft. 


No. 4: Stephen Dodgson in Conversation with Timothy Walker). Performance Anxiety: A Different Approach (Richard Provost). 


Volume 16 (1989)

$3 per issue

No. 1: The Chevalier Fernando Sor (Juris Poruks). Richard Pick: A New American Method for Guitar (George Warren). Abel Carlevaro (Michael Curtis). The Art and Technique of Practice (Richard Provost) (series). G.B. Granata: Baroque Guitar Master (Craig Russell). Professional...or Amateur. 


No. 2: Tarrega and the Alhambra (Michael Curtis). Manuel Barrueco (A Talk with Judith Handler). The Last Romantic - of the First? (George Warren). Kazuhito Yamashita (An Interview with Frank Koonce). The Guitar in Song (Paul Hurley) (series). The Beginning Guitarist (Frederick Noad). 


No. 3: Classical Guitar in Academia (Clare Callahan). The Most Distinguished American Compositions for Solo Guitar (David Leisner). 


No. 4: A Survey of Spanish Luthiers (Ed Nelson). Letters from the Past: Correspondence of C.F.E. Fiset (Ronald Purcell). 20th Century Chamber Music with Guitar (James Smith). The Practical Theorist: Melody & Phrasing in Sor's Op. 6, No. 2 (Justin London). 


Volume 15 (1988)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Jose Luis Rodrigo - Conversations with Neil and Tamara Caulkins. Two Kinds of Accent: Some Further Thoughts on Phrasing (Justin London). The Romance of the "Romance" (Isaias Savio). 


No. 2: A Little Bit of Magic (Judith Handler Talks with David Russell). The Three-Fret Span (James McCutcheon). Andante by Carl Blum (Douglas Back). 


No. 3: Jorge Cardoso (In Conversation with Gerhard Klingenstein). Sor the Lutenist and Carcassi the Mandolin Player (Marc Van de Cruys). Studies With... (John Duarte). Suguiyama: Brazilian Luthier Extraordinaire (Bob Megantz). Harmonic Systems for the Guitar (Michael Carnebauer). Some Thoughts on Planting (Both Pro and Con) (Frank Koonce). 


No. 4: Commissioning New Music (David Tanenbaum). Michael Newman & Laura Oltman (A Talk with Judith Handler). Francois le Cocq: Belgian Master (Craig Russell). Guitar Notation: A Manual of Style (Frank Koonce). Fingering Guitar Music (John Duarte. 


Volume 14 (1987)

$3 per issue

No. 1: The Suzuki Method for the Classical Guitar (William Kossler). Teaching Guitar to the Young (Frank Longay). Warming up to Play Guitar (Alison Bert). Advanced Teaching & Performance Principles (Phillip de Fremery). Which Way Shall We Go? (John Duarte). New Products for Guitarists (Alice Artzt). Musical Interpretation (Anthony Glise) (series). The Chivalrous Poles (Matanya Ophee). 


No. 2: The Practice Schedule: A Neglected Tool (Richard Pattie). The Electronic Classical Guitarist (Francis Perry). What Medical Science Says About Fingernails (Neil Caulkins). 


No. 3: How Others See Us (Jack Whitfield). The Guitar in the 20th Century Concert World (Alice Artzt). Ponce's Paroque Pastiches for Guitar (Peter Kun Frary). Hints from the Workshop (John Gilbert). Segovia Remembered (Ronald Purcell). 


No. 4: The Story of the Lyre-Guitar (Matanya Ophee). Laurindo Almeida (Celebracao dos Setenta). A Guitarist's Credo (Clare Callahan). Some Further Thoughts on Bridge Saddles (Roland Stearns). Slurring Practices in Baroque Guitar and Lute Music (Philip Hii). 


Volume 13 (1986)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Flying with a Guitar (Alice Artzt). An Interview with David Russell (Michael Curtis). Fernando Sor as a Transcriber (Jeffrey Goodman). Guitar Tone: Past, Present and Future (Ivor Mairants). An Interview with Ruggero Chiesa (Thomas Heck). Locating Recordings for the Guitar (John Tanno). An Interview with Charles Morrison (Diane Gordon). 


No. 2: Guitar Music in Denmark (Erling Moldrup). John Gilbert: Guitar Maker (Eric Jones). Fitting Saddles for Classical Guitars (Ken Donnell). Reflections on a Career in College Guitar Teaching (Michael Fogler). Evolving Standards of Performance (Aaron Shearer). 


No. 3/4: Marcelo Kayath in Conversation with Mary Criswick. Tone (Including Segovia's) (John Duarte). The First American Classical Guitar Congress (Chirstoph Harlan). III Concurso y Festival: Habana, Cuba (Diane Cordon). When Should my Child Start Guitar Lessons (Rod Stucky). 


Volume 12 (1985)

$3 per issue

No. 1: On the Air in Richmond, VA (Grete Dollitz). How to Prevent Instrument Related Injuries (Penny Phillips). Some Thoughts on Composing for the Guitar (Loris Chobanian). Interview with Jose Romanillos (Elefteria Kotzia). A Visit to Chile (Stephen Boswell). A Quantum Leap: The Bi-Level Guitar (David Marriott). The "De Camara" Guitar (Jose Ramirez). A Capotasto For Renaissance Lute Music (Robert Wolff). 


No. 2: Matinique VI Carregour Mondial de la Gitare. Temperature, Humidity & The Gitar (Paul Fischer). The Program Music of Ferdinando Carulli (Richard Long). Structuring a Guitar Pedagogy Course (Michael Christiansen). The Chinese Gitar From C. 200 B.C. to the Present (John Myers). 


No. 3: The Guitar in 19th C. America: A Lost Social Tradition (Peter Danner). Avoiding "The Slump." Transcribing Beethoven's Keyboard Music for Guitar (Joseph Cambron). A Performer's Lot (Kenneth Langbell). 


No. 4: The Guitar Songs of Steven Foster. Help is on the Way. 


Volume 11 (1984)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Intonation and Fret Placement (John Gilbert). Alternate Artificial Finger Nails (Harry Pellegrin). Soundboard on the Air (John Schneider). Der Ton Macht Die Musik (Grant Gustafson). 


No. 2: Coste's Contribution to the "20 studies by Sor" (Erik Stenstadvold). Careers in the Arts in the 80s (Clare Callahan). 


No. 3: Life on the Road in Japan (Alice Artzt). The First Tour (Stephen Boswell). The Guitarist and the Lute (Harry Pellegrin). You've Come a Long Way Baby (?) (David Grimes). Not so Elementary...Falla's "Homenaje" Revisited (John Duarte). Computer Assisted Fretboard Instruction (James McCutcheon). Two Guitarists from Holland (Rainer Stelle). 


No. 4: Critics and Criticism (John Duarte). Tremolo as a Sustaining Device (Leonard Blum). Books on the Guitar Published Since 1980 (John Tanno). Checklist of Operas with Guitar in Orchestra (A. Nagoytothy-Toth). Teaching Guitar to Children: New Approaches (Margaret Mistak). Structuring a Guitar Course for the Private Rec. Student (B. Block). A Beginner's Guide to Practicing (Raymond Andrews). 


Volume 10 (1983)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Federico Moreno Torroba (Peter Danner and George Magula). J.K. Mertz: Pianto Dell 'Amante (Astrid Stempnik). Rhythm, Meter & Notation (Roland Stearns). The Missing Variation (Jeff Cogan). New Ideas: A Feature on Sonia Michelson (Mary Ellen Cruz). A Conversation with Narciso Yepes (John Schneider). A "New" Fingering for Beginners? (Anthony Glise)


No. 2: The Interaction Between Ponce and Segovia (Federico Cordero). Building an In-Case Guitar Humidifier ( Royce Jones). Developing a Teaching Practice (Douglas Smith). Pepe Romero Reminisces About F. Moreno Torroba (Bill Davila). A Cheap, Renewable Source of Replacement Nails (Jeff Anvinson). The Well-Tempered Guitarist (Barry Lipman). 


No. 3: Alberto Ginastera (George Magula). Beginner's Handicap - Finger Motion? (Matt Sullivan). The "Classic(al)" guitar (John Duarte). David Tanenbaum on Hans Werner Henze: An Interview (John Schneider). 


No. 4: Paganini and the Guitar (Giuseppe Gazzelloni). The Chinese Guitar: A Tour of China (Jean-Pierre Jumez). Selecting a Guitar (John Gilbert). Baroque & Jazz: Musical Twins (Dusan Bogdonavic). To Amplify or not to Amplify (John Duarte). Interview: John Schneider Talks with William Kanengiser. 


Volume 9 (1982)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Finding Liturgical Music for Classical Guitar (Mary J. Disler). Memoirs of a Cafe Guitarist (David Leisner). A Look at some Early Classical Guitar Methods (Paul Cox). Rent-A-Program...and Beyond (John Duarte). Concertino or Trios Morceaux? (Astrid Stempnik). Theory Instruction for the Classical Guitarist (Peter Shavitz). Editing Guitar Music: A call for Communication (George Magula). Some Notes on the Advantages of Planting (David Marriott). 


No. 2: Curso Internacional de Guitarra Manuel M. Ponce (John Duarte). The Guitarist's Guide to the New Grove (Peter Danner). Insulate Your Strings and Avoid the Shock (Timothy Jones). Composer and Performer (John Duarte). Leo Brouwer: Early Influences in "Tres Apuntes" (John Hakes). The "Pepe" Guitar Education System (Shiro Arai). The Classical Guitar in West Germany (Grant Gustafson). 


No. 3: Careers: A Handbook (John Duarte). Helpful Hints for a New York Recital (Francis Perry). The Memoirs of Makaroff: A Second Look (Matanya Ophee). Tuning the Guitar. Sharon Isbin: Interview (John Schneider). Variation on an Old Theme: Crutcher guitar Chair (Josep Henriquez). A Luthier's Modest Proposal (William Turner). 


No. 4: Embellishment in Renaissance & Baroque Music (Andrew Charlton). Bach on the Guitar: Some Thoughts (John Duarte). A Tribute to Bruno Henze (Rainer Stelle). 5 Miniatures Printanieres (Dusan Bogdonavic). A Plea for Non-Virtuosity (Astrid Stempnik). A New Left Hand Position? (Anthony Glise). Left Hand Accuracy (Harry Pellegrin). The State of the Luthier's Art (Paul Wyszkowiski). 


Volume 8 (1981)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Conversation with Eliot Fisk (John Wager-Schneider). Notes from Europe (John Duarte). Classroom guitar 1981 (Rober Mayeur). Guitar in Ensemble (Kurt Schuster). 


No. 2: Emilio Pujol, in Memoriam (Ronald Purcell). A Conversation with David Leisner (John Wager-Schneider). Who Wrote "La Sentinelle"? (Matanya Ophee). Some Ideas on Practicing Villa-Lobos' Etude No. 1 in e minor (David Hopman). 


No. 3: The Baroque Gitar: Then and Now (Robert Strizich). Francesco Corbetta: A Historical Perspective (Richard Provost). The Motivic & Harmonic Language of La Guitarra Royalle (Scott Zeidel). Francesco Corbetta the Non-Guitarist (richard Pinnell). Prelude in G of Corbetta (Transc. Peter Danner). The Promotion of Francisco Tarrega (Matanya Ophee). 24 Preludes for Guitar of Manuel Ponce (Brian Jeffery). Interview: Toru Takemitsu (David Marriott). 


No. 4: Giuliani Used a Shoulder Strap! A New Portrait (Thomas Heck). The Guitar Quintets of Boccherini, A Tangled Tale (John Duarte). Fernando Sor's "Twenty Studies" a Reconsideration (Brian Jeffery). Interview: Ernst Krenek (John Schneider). James Ballard's "Elements" of 1838 (Peter Danner). The English Suite (John Duarte). Eduardo Sainz de la Maza: My Teacher, My Friend (Josep Henriquez). Showcasing Classical Guitar: A Series Approach (Barbara Morehouse). 


Volume 7 (1980)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Conversation with Julian Bream (John Wager-Schneider). Aim-Directed Movement (Neil Anderson). 


No. 2: Benjamin Britten's Style as Exemplified in the Nocturnal Op. 70 (Philip Pivovar). The Idee Fixe in the Solo Guitar Music of Heitor Villa-Lobos (John Schaffer). Preparing for a Master Class (Alice Artzt). Lute Technique and the Guitar: A Further Look at the Historical Background (Peter Danner). The New York Classical Guitar Scene (Erica Kalick). Reflections on the Music of Barna Kovats. 


No. 3: Vladimir Bobri: An Interview with Alice Artzt. In Memoriam: Vadah Olcott Bickford Revere (Ronald Purcell). 


No. 4: In Memoriam: Norman Sholin. Notes on the Ten-String Guitar (Janet Marlow). Voice-Leading: Towards a Better Understanding of Select Passages in Villa-Lobos' Preludes for Guitar (John Schaffer). the Original Version True Text of Sor's "L'Encouragement" (Brian Jeffery). The London Guitar Scene (John Duarte). Teaching the Very Young (Ray Sealey). A Descriptive List of Infrequently Played Chamber Music, and Some Suggestions for Transcription (Bartholomew Crago). 


Volume 6 (1979)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Bunyan Webb Memorial (Charlotte Bruening). The Guitar Music of Stephen Dodgson (Richard Provost). A Physicist Studies the Guitar (Dr. R.J. Weiss). 


No. 2: The Vihuela: The Royal Guitar of 16th Century Spain (Darryl Denning). Right Hand Lute Technique, and Guitarists History and Modern Reality (Roland Stearns). 


No. 3: Mauro Giuliani: Grant Concerto, Op. 30 (Glen Shulfer). Silence, Recording in Progress (Alice Artzt). The Guitar in Canada (Jim Forrest) (series). Structural Patterns (Steven Zvengrowski). Computer-Aided Instruction for the Guitar (Leonard Persson). 


No. 4: Applause (Alice Artzt). The Guitar Trios of "Gallot D'l" (Peter Danner and Richard d'A. Jensen). 


Volume 5 (1978)

$3 per issue

No. 1: A Special Issue Celebrating Segovia's 50th Anniversary of his First Performance in the U.S.


No. 2: A Report on the Easley Collection of Guitar Music (John Henken). A Conversation with Jose Tomas (Wynn Smith). Augustin Barrios Mangore: Forgotten Master of the Guitar (Richard Stover) (series). Breathing Life into Music (David Leisner). Avoiding the zip and bump Effects: A proposal (Federico Cordero). 


No. 3: About Vibrato (Charles Duncan). Guitar 78: An Overview (Loretta Koscak). 


No. 4: A Closer Look at Falla's "Homenaje" (Richard Jensen). Computerized Guitar Research: A Report (Thomas Heck). The Well Tempered Guitar (John Schneider). On Gasogenes, Penang Laawyers, Echiquiers and Terz Guitars (Calvin Elliker). 


Volume 4 (1977)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Notes on Some Early American Guitar Concerts (Peter Danner). Functional Tension and the Prepared Attack (Charles Duncan). 


No. 2: Segovia's Second Visit (Ron Purcell). New Biography of Sor. The Guitar Today (John Tanno). Reconstructing Rossiniane of Giuliani/Bream (Thomas Heck). Teach Children Note Reading? (John Doan). 


No. 3: The Acoustics of Strings as Related to the Guitar (John Tanno). Staccato Articulations in Scales (Charles Duncan). 


No. 4: Historical Observations on the Romance "La Sentinelle" (Calvin Elliker). 


Volume 3 (1976)

$3 per issue

No. 1: The Devil's Advocate (George Warren ) (series). "Duet," engraving after Etty. More on Toronto (Harold Smith). The Pujol XI Annual "Curso Internacional de Guitarra, Laud, Vihuela y Guitarra Barroca" (C.W. Ickes). Cervera Spain - A Tourist's Report (C.W. Ickes). Checklist of Chamber Music for Guitar (Lute) and Keyboard (Harpsichord, Pianoforte), a Listing (A. Nagytothy-Toth) (series). 


No. 2: The Guitar Concertos of Mauro Giuliani (George Magula). Giuliani's Works for Guitar and Orchestra: A Bibliography. 


No. 3: Reflections on Classical Guitar Technique (John Tanno). Communications from Germany: A New Guitar Catalog (Juergen Libbert). In Memoriam. Guitar Chamber Music (Matanya Ophee) (series). The Carmel Classical Guitar festival (Ephran Younger). 


No. 4: Contemporary Guitar Music (Daniel Kessner). Schubert Lieder with Guitar...Permissible? (Thomas Heck ) (series). What is a Guitar? A Matter of Definition and Demolition (Thomas Heck). 


Volume 2 (1975)

$3 per issue

No. 1: The Aims of the GFA. Teaching Notes. Letters to the Editor (Column). Yellow Pages (Column). Newsworthy (Column). 


No. 2: The Segovia Visit. Tax Exemption Statement. Recent Developments in Spanish Discography. 


No. 3: Gutiar '75. In Memory of Kent Sidon. U.S.A. Abstracts. ASTA and the GFA: One Guitarist's Point of View.


No. 4: Locating Guitar Music (John Tanno). An Interview with Leo Brouwer (Richard Stover). Dissertation Abstract (Charles Amos). Year-End Roundup of Humor: "Etude in e minor, No. 2 (The Great)" (Jack Curtiss) Caption, Please (Antoine Watteau). 


Volume 1 (1974)

$3 per issue

No. 1: The GFA's Legal Status. The Classical Guitar Convention in Anaheim, CA. Secretary's Report. News. Publications Received. 


No. 2: ASTA Guitar Session at Anaheim, CA. Archives Report. Summer Guitar Classes.


No. 3: Secretary-Treasurer Report. Works in Progress Return with us Now (Column). 


No. 4: il Fronimo: A New, Serious Guitar Journal is Born (Thomas Heck). 

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