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Digital Back Issues, 1992-Present
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Volume 46 (2020)

$15 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No.1: "My Other Art" by Michael Andriaccio. "Six Poems" by Bookout, Wanek, Wade, Ferguson, Toomer and Henry.


Feature Articles Listed

No.2: "Commissioning a Career: Lessons Learned from Andrés Segovia and Julian Bream" by Kirk Redman.



Volume 45 (2019)

$15 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No.1: "Francisco Tárrega’s Transcriptions, Paraphrases, and Adaptations for Guitar: Part 1" by Christopher Alexander. "Carrie V. Hayden and Her Reverie for Solo Guitar" by Jan de Kloe. "Ernest Shand’s Prelude et Impromptu" by Steven T. Zvengrowski. "Miguel Llobet’s Variaciones sobre un Tema de Sor" by Momcilo Moma Aleksandric.


Feature Articles Listed

No.2: " The Orchestrated Guitar" by Allan Clive Jones. "Francisco Tárrega’s Transcriptions, Paraphrases, and Adaptations for Guitar: Part 2" by Christopher Alexander.


Feature Articles Listed

No.3: "The Death of Barrios" by Frederick Sheppard. "Was Barrios Murdered?" by Frederick Sheppard. "Barrios’ 1943 Arrangement of 'Gavotte en rondeau' " by J. S. Bach, introduced by Robert Ferguson.


Feature Articles Listed

No.4: "Education Roundtable Summary: All-State Guitar Ensembles" by Matthew Nishimoto. "GFA Certified Schools: Words from the Program Directors" compiled by Matthew Nishimoto. "Choosing Materials for a Precollege Guitar Classroom" by Matthew Nishimoto. 


Volume 44 (2018)

$15 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No.1: "Joaquin Turina: Spanish Nationalism and Guitar in the Early 20th Century" by Leilani Dade. "Origins of the Romero Quartet: From Santa Barbara to Ed Sullivan (1957-67)" by Walter Aaron Clark. "The Guitar during the Spanish Civil War" by Jose Manuel Gonzalez, translated by E.J. Rodriguesz. 


No.2: " Francois-Joseph Fetis (1784-1871): So Important, Such a Crook" by Jan de Kloe. "Focal Dystonia: Some Ideas for a Path to Recovery" by Pamela Kimmel. 


No.3: "The Psychology of Learning for Effective Practice" by Erol Ozsever. "The Expert Blind Spot Effect: Theory and Implications for the Guitar Pedagogue" by Matthew C. Nishimoto. "Teaching Beginning Guitar: A Comparison of Two Methods" by Dennis Siebenaler and Flavio Apro.


No.4: :Sor at 240: Reflections and Some New Documents, on the 240th Anniversary of Sor's Birth" by Brian Jeffery. "Guitar Music Circulation in Spain in the Second Half of the 18th Century" by Ricardo Aleixo. "Dolores Nevares de Goni" by Jan de Kloe. "Some Reflections on Voice Leading in Sor's Solo Guitar Music" by Roger Quin.  


Volume 43 (2017)

$15 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1: "Octavio Yanez Revisited" by Randall C. Kohl. "An Early 19th-Century Contradanza for Guitar from Mexico" by Robert Ferguson. "Manuel Ponce's Concierto del sur: Analytical Aspects" by Jorge Barron Corvera. "Mexican Guitar Composition in the Post-Ponce Era" Jay Kacherski.


No. 2: "Alirio Diaz Biography and Tributes" by Robert Ferguson, Graham Wade, Micaela Pittaluga, Frederico Zigante, Eduardo Fernandez, Sharon Isbin. "Roland Dyens Biography and Tributes" by Graham Wade and Russ De Angelo. "Improvisation a la memoire de Pierre" by Roland Dyens. "The Nocturnal, Op. 70 and Britten's Musical Language" by Josinaldo Costa. "The National Federation of Music Clubs Festivals" by Jim McCutcheon. "Technology Tools for the Guitar Studio" by Michael Krajewski


No. 3: "Gharana Music Foundation: Expanding Opportunities in Music Education in Nepal" by Daniel Linden. "Berta Rojas: A Guitarist Inspired by Mangore and Paraguay" by Mario Ruben Alvarez, translated by Erna Maria Hill. "The St. Louis Experience" by William Ash. "The Guitar in Afghanistan" by Colin Davin.


No. 4: "Performance Practices in Brazilian Nationalist Music: Learning from Francisco Mignone's Music and REcordings" by Fernando Araujo. "Folk and Modern Influences in the Work of Leo Brouwer" by Ciaran Elster. "Two Autograph Manuscripts of Julia Florida by Augustin Barrios: A Comparative Analysis" by Rico Stover. "Barrios in Mexico City, 1933-34" by Frederick Sheppard and Francisco Mercado Noyola



Volume 42 (2016)

$15 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1: "Observations on Lutherie" (R.E. Brune). "The Luthier as Structural and Sound Engineer: How Luthiers Shape Sound with the Soundboard" (Garrett Lee). "A Short History of the Marin Family" (Billy Arcila). "The Russell Cleveland Collection" (Marc Teicholz).


No. 2: Hall of Fame Issue. Robert Ruck Biography and Tributes (Robert Ruck, Kerry Alt, Robert Ferguson). Ricardo Iznaola Biography and Tributes (Steve Goss, Graham Wade). "Idealism, Loss and Memory in Iznaola's Guitar Works" (Jonathan Leathwood). "La Rumba de Alicia" (Ricardo Iznaola).


No. 3: "Tradition and Modernity, East and West: The Guitar Works of Toro Takemitsu" (Josinaldo Costa). "Toward a Better Understanding of Toro Takemitsu" (Renaud Cote-Giguere). "'Wonderfully Disjointed Phrasses': Three Attempts for a Thoroughly Contemporary Guitar" (Michael J. Kagan). "Denis Aplvor's Variations Op. 29: Introduction to the Guitar Music of a Pioneering British Modernish" (Mark Marrington). Tributes to Alirio Diaz by Graham Wade and Ricardo Iznaola. Convention 2016 reviews and recaps.


No. 4:  "Fernando Sor: And Early Romantic" (Richard Savino). "Sor and Coste" (Ari van Vliet). "Coste's Studies Revisited" (Michael Macmeeken). "The Musical Rest as a Polysemour Sign in the Guitar Works of Fernando Sor" (Ricardo Ivan Barcelo Abeijon). "Alirio Diaz Masterclass, May 1968- Mexico City, Mexico" (Jim Forrest). "An Interview with Roland Dyens: In Memoriam" (Nataliya Pashchenko). "An Interview with Hopkinson Smith: Part 1" (John Schneider).



Volume 41 (2015)

$12 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1: Hall of Fame Inductees: Sergio and Odair Assad (Artistic Achievement) Carlos Barbosa-Lima (Artistic Achievement) Kenny Hill (Industry Leadership). 


No. 2: "Classical Guitar in Iran" (Babak Valipour). Interview with Lily Afshar (Robert Ferguson). Dokhtareh  Boyer Ahmadi (Arr. Lily Afshar). New Music - Emshab Shabe Mahtabe (Arr. and intro. by Omid Zoufonoun). New Music - Sketch No. 1 (Ashkan Saberi). 


No. 3: "The Airs of Henri Grenerin" (Charles Wolzien). "The Folias of Santiago de Murcia: Performances and Pedagogical Opportunities for All Guitarists" (Faith Lanam). "Prelude and Fugue: Brief Notes on Bach" (Alexander Dunn). "Transcription: Praludium pour la Luth, BWV 999 by J.S. Bach" (Arr. Alexander Dunn). "Irish Music for the Classical Guitar" The Music of Turlough O'Carolan" (George Sprengelmeyer). "Francois Campoin's Passacaille. Commentary and Transcription" (Robert Ferguson). "Transcription: Passacaille  by Francois Campoin" (Arr. Robert Ferguson).


No. 4: "Eclectic Influences: An In-Depth Look at Stephen Goss's Park of Idols for Cello and Guitar" (Kimberly Patterson). "A Late Walk: A Harmony of Words and Music" (Judith Olbrych). Indira (Alexandro Rodriguez). "The Guitar in Mixed Ensembles: Past and Present" (Josinaldo Costa).

Volume 40 (2014)

$12 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1: Baglama Techniques in the Classical Guitar Literature (Tolgahan Cogulu). Classical Guitar Hawaii (Ian O'Sullivan). An American Guitarist in Spain (Adam Levin). 


No. 2: Playing with Large Muscles (David Leisner). So, You Think You Can Play?: Recovering from Focal Dystonia (Apostolos Paraskevas). Whole Arms, Healthy Hands (Jerald Harscher). The Sensitivity of Touch (William Kanengiser). A Primer in Injury Management for Guitarists (Serap Bastepe-Gray).


No. 3: Arrangement: In the Bottoms: V. Dance (Juba) by Robert Nathaniel Dett (Thomas Flippin). Classical Guitar and Carillon: A Not-So-Odd Couple (Mary Jo Disler). Abandoning Ravel: Arranging Valses nobles et sentimentales for Two Guitars (Tracy Smith and Rob MacDonald).


No. 4: Guitar, As It Could Be: One Composer's Creative Journey (Frank Wallace). I Often Wondered (Alan Thomas). Beyond Ferguson: Based on a Melody by Michael Brown (Thomas Flippin). 


Volume 39 (2013)

$6 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1: Traditional Rhythms in the Music of Barrios: "Danza Paraguaya" and the Paraguayan Polca (Berta Rojas). Toccata No. 4 by Johann Hieronymus Kapsberger (Socrates Leptos). 2013 GFA Hall of Fame Inductees.


No. 2: Director Profile: Matthew Denman (Matthew Denman). Learning to Learn: The Ten "Laws" of Learning (Julian Gray) (series). Classroom Teaching: Preparing the Classroom Guitar Teacher (Michael Quantz). Teaching Young People: Advances in Pedagogy and a Call for Creativity (Scott Cmiel). Outreach in the Classroom: Education and the Austin Classical Guitar Society (Matthew Hinsley and Travis Marcum). 


No. 3: From Interpreter to Composer (Sergio Assad). Arranding Pixinguinha, A Letter From Roland Dyens. Writing 24 Preludes for Guitar Solo (Bryan Johanson). Making New Music for Guitar, A Letter from Andrew York. New Music, Writing For Family: Selections from Suite No.2 by Kevin J. Cope.  


No. 4: A Primer on the Mind-Hands Relationship (Matthew Dunne). The Technique of Melody (Michael Chapdelaine). Conversations About Duo Technique (Tracy Anne Smith). 


Volume 38 (2012)

$6 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1: Ponce's Concierto del sur: The Story of the 1941 Premiere in Montevideo (John Patykula). The Engineering Design of a Classical Guitar (Douglas Pringle). Bach's Prelude, Fugue and Allegro: Allegro (Douglas Rust and Amy Houghton). 


No. 2: Some Newly Discovered Letters of Mauro Giuliani: Welcome News from the Bavarian State Library and the Digital Guitar Archive (Thomas Heck, Marco Riboni & Andreas Stevens). Niccolo Paganini and His Chamber Music with Guitar (Adriano Sebastiani). The Story of Morton Feldman's The Possibility of a New Piece for Classical Guitar (Chris Villars). Reconstructing Morton Feldman's The Possibility of a New Piece for Classical Guitar (Seth Josel). 


No. 3: Federico Moreno Torroba and Andres Segovia in the 1920s: A Turning Point in Guitar History (Walter Aaron Clark & William Krause). Sor in Trouble with the Spanish Inquisition 1803-1806 (Bryan Jeffery). The Guitar Music of Alan Hovhaness (Miles McConnell). Mario Castelnuevo-Tedesco's Capricho de Goya No. 15 (Marcello Corcella). A Few Words About my GFA Concert Tour (Johannes Moller). 


No. 4: "The Worst Drunkard in London" The Life and Career of the Guitar Virtuoso Leonard Schulz (Erik Stenstadvold). The Vogue of the Chitarra Francese in Italy: How French? How Italian? How Neapolitan? (Thomas Heck). The Enigmatic Miguel Garcia, or, Padre Basilio Part II (Richard Savino). "A Considerable Attraction for Both Eyes and Ears" Ladies' Guitar and Mandolin Bands in Late Victorian London (Paul Sparks). General Thompson's Enharmonic Guitar (James Westbrook). An Essay of 1824 on the Guitar (Christopher Page). The Influence of Germans on the Development of "This Favorite Instrument the Guitar" in England (Panagiotis Poulopoulos). 


Volume 37 (2011)

$6 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1: Guitar Continuo: The Realization of Figured Bass on the Guitar (Matthew Bishop). The Sarabande from Bach's Cello Guitar VI, BWV 1012 (Richard Todd). The Bach Prelude, Fugue and Allegro Part I: The Prelude (Douglas Rust). M. Castelnuevo-Tadesco's Capricho de Goya No. 12 (Marcello Corcella). 


No. 2: Outback Dreaming: Peter Sculthorpe & the Guitar (Jonathan Paget). Some Commentaries on Sor's Concert Music (Matanya Ophee). Early Russian Guitar Periodicals (Jan de Kloe). Revisiting the Letter to Vahdah Olcott-Bickford (Ron Purcell). Developing Careers in the San Francisco Bay Area (Scott Cmiel).  


No. 3: El Guitarrista feo: A Critical Examination of Barrios' Career (Robert Bailey). Barrios on German Radio (Chris Erwich). Octaviano Yanez (Randall Kohl). Style and Influences in the Early Work of John Duarte (Jim Skinger). Play Koyunbaba Anytime, Anywhere: Scordatura Made Easy (Joe Hagedorn). New Technique for Old Music: Giuliani's Op. 15 Revisited (Jan de Kloe).  


No. 4: Pedro Abrill Ximenez Tirado, the "Rossini of the Americas" (Dario Montiel). In Pursuit of the New Poets: Observations on Whether the Segovia Phenomenon Could Happen Again (Mark Small). Flamenco: Deep Song for the Classical Guitarist (Emma Markham). Bach's Prelude, Fugue and Allegro: The Fugue (Douglas Rust). 


Volume 36 (2010)

$3 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1: Francisco Tarrega, Isaac Albeniz and the Modern Guitar (Walter Aaron Clark). Reflections on 1909 (Graham Wade). A Survey of Select 19th-Century Chamber Works by Guitarists of the Period (Darren O'Neill). 


No. 2: Niccolo Paganini and His Chamber Music with Guitar (Violin & Guitar) (Adriano Sebastiani). Two Concerti for Terz-Guitar and Strings by Ivan Padavec: Notes on the Rediscovery of the Lost Scores (Stegan Hackl). Segovia's Choices: Observations on Segovia and his Repertoire in Our Time (Luigi Attademo).  


No. 3: Three Early Guitar Concertos (Stanley Yates). My Musical Journey to Iran (Lily Afshar). oaquin Turina and the Classical Guitar (Townsend Plant). Expanding the GFA's Online Resources (Thomas Heck). 


No. 4: Variations on the Noise: The Convergence of the Spanish Folk Idiom and Central European Guitar Style in Dionisio Aguado's Variations on the Fandango (Olga Amelkina-Vera). Three Early Guitar Concertos: Endnotes (Stanley Yates). Malaguena: From Pre-Flamenco Origins to Pop Icon (John Patykula). 


Volume 35 (2009)

$3 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1: The Re-Imagination of Performance (Christopher Berg). Robert de Visee: Guitarist and Composer (Nicholas Lambson). The Guitar in Porto Alegre (Daniel Wolff). Thumb Position on the Guitar (Jan de Kloe). A Tribute to Julian Bream (Graham Wade). The Classical Guitar: Inspiration, Preservation, Evolution (Kenny Hill). 


No. 2: Latin American Rhythms and Modern Guitar Music : An Historical View (Ana Maria Rosado). The Solo Lyra Viol Music of Tobias Hume (Olga Amelkina-Vera). The Guitar Music of Carlo Domeniconi (Joe Martinez). 


No. 3: A Survey of 19th-Century Viennese Guitar Methods (Stefan Hackl). Joseph and Louis Pons: The "Lupot of the Guitar" (Siaier de Ridder). Carlevare - Estelas -Ohana: An Emerging Story (Ruben Scroussi & Affredo Escande). Sor and the Literary Blunder (John King).  


No. 4: The Life and Legacy of Villa-Lobos (Charles Postlewate). Villa-Lobos and His Work with Three Guitar Icons (Charles Postlewate). Oscar Espla and the Guitar (Jan de Kloe). Aaron Shearer Looks Back (Patrick Lui & Thomas Poore). 


Volume 34 (2008)

$3 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1: The Folklore Component in the Guitar Music of Ernesto Cordero (Francesco Di Giandomenico). In Memory of Andres Segovia and Alexandre Tansman (Vasilios Avraam). Barcelona Redux (Robert Phillips). 


No. 2: A New Source of Music by Regondi (Stefan Hackl). The Sound's the Thing: A Collector Obsesses Over the Quest for the Guitar's Holy Grail in a Post-Torres Universe (L. John Harris). 


No. 3: Brazilian Popular Music and the Guitar in the Early Life of Heitor Villa-Lobos (Jonathan Grasse). Producing Your Own CD (Jim Bosse). Willits (Joseph Mayes).


No. 4: The Role of the Six String Guitar in Opera 1782-1977 (Daniel Adams). Compositional Style in the Seguidillas of Fernando Sor (Ken Cardillo). 


Volume 33 (2007)

$3 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1/2: Franz Schubert's Chamber Music with Guitar (Stephen Mattingly). Between the Serious and the Playable: The Guitar and the Early 19th-Century Lied (James Day). Dimitris Fampas: His Life and Activities (Michalis Mavromichalis).


No. 3/4: Restoring a Guitar by Leonhard Pratter (Prague 1676): A Luthier's Report (Francoise and Dniale Sinier de Ridder). Found in Translation: De-Sublimation and Spatialization in Guitar Transcriptions (Jason Solomon). Thoughts on Ornamentation: The Rhetoric of "Little Twiddles" (Scott Morels). Carl Sandburg and Segovia, Rejection and the Guitar Review (Jhon Akers).


Volume 32 (2006)

$3 per issue

Feature Articles Listed

No. 1/2: John Duarte (1919-2004) (Albert Kunze). Two Coffee Stories (Eleftheria Kotzia). My Last Visit with John Duarte (Sharon Isbin). John Duarte: A Tribute (Graham Wade). John Duarte, the Man I Knew, the Musician I Loved: A Remembrance. For John Duarte. A Lancashire Lass: For Dorothy Duarte (Jim Skinger). Roland Dyens and his Musical Style (Sean Beavers). The Unknown Composer Manuel Palau and his Valencian Concerto for Guitar (Rafael Serrallet). The First Classical Guitar Concertos (Scott Morris). 


No. 3/4: Ferdinando Sor and the Russians (Matanya Ophee). Joaquin Rodrigo in Russia (Myron Weishord). Pedagogy Forum (Column).Elefiheria Kofzia Interviewed by Steve Marsh.


Volume 31 (2005)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Toward a Biography of Dilermando Reis (David Jerome). Terno Olhar: Valsa (Dilermando Reis Ed. David Jerome). Guitar Music by Japanese Composers (Daniel Quinn). Culture, Commerce, and Aesthetics in Late 19th Century America: The Guitar in America's BMG Movement (Jeffrey Noonan).


No. 2/3: The Evolution of Guitar Notation 1750-1830 (Erik Stenstadvold). Mauro Giuliani: A Lost Letter of 1827 Comes to Light (Thomas Heck). Some Notes Towards the Biography of Trinidad Huerta (James Radomski). Niccolo Paganini and His Chamber Music with Guitar (Adriano Sebastiani) (series). Knowing the Composer's Mind: Recomposing Carcassi's Etude in A (Jonathan Leathwood). L'Eras de musicien: The Careers of Two French Guitarists (Richard Long). From Colonial America: Magnificat by Charles Theodore Pachelbel (Donald Miller).  


No. 4: Ferdinand Bebay, Forgotten Brahms Epigone or Major Guitar Composer? (Johann Gaitzsch). The Music of Alberto Ginastera, A Fertile Source for Guitar Transcribers (Philip Snyder). Mozart and the Guitar: A Contribution to the Mozart Year, 2006 (Stefan Hackl). The Hermann Hauser Guitar Foundation (Greg Hanson). Flamenco Mind/Classical Mind (Valdemar Phoenix).


Volume 30 (2004)

$3 per issue

No. 1: In Memoriam - Nadezda Kondic (Uros Dojcinovic). Rosalyn Tureck Remembered (Sharon Isbin). Johann Gaitzsch: So Who Is This Joseph Kreutzer? Elisabeth Papas Smith: Sophocles Papas. Jhon C. Akers: Sophocles Papas' Recollections of Carl Sandburg. How Henry Hagglyhoagly Played the Guitar (Carl Sandburg). Rico Stover and Alejandro Bruzual: Rual Borges and the Guitar in Venezuela. Eladio Scharron: Andre Jovilet and His Tombeau de Robert de Visee.


No. 2: Five Hundred Years of La Folia (Kurt Martinez). La Guitarra Espanola: Guitarists and Guitar Literature in Baroque Spain (Anthony Caralano). A House Style for Engraving Guitar Music (Jan de Kloe). Jurgen Hubscher and La Volta (Douglas Back). 


No. 3: The "Tarrega School," According to the Methods (Julio Gimeno Garcia). Lou Harrison and the Guitar (David Tanenbaum). A Relaxing Way to Hold the Guitar: Variation on a Theme (Thomas Heck). An Introduction to Castelnuevo-Tadesco's Vogelweide, (Matthew Hinsley) (series). Notes from the Road: A GFA Tour Journal (Martha Masters). Pre-College Classical Guitar Education: Why? (Gregg Goodhart). A New Frontier: Developing Guitar Reading Skills (Donald Miller). Interpreting Meter & Proportions in French Renaissance Music (Charles Wolzien).


No. 4: Albeniz in Brussels (Jan de Kloe). Albeniz and the Guitar (Stanley Yates). Literary Theme in Mertz's Bardenklange (Daniel Adams). Right-Hand String Positions (Scott Sanchez).


Volume 29 (2002)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Factors Involved in Classical Guitar Training (Francisco Fernandez del Castillo Gomez and Felipe Orduna Bustamante). Is the Composer Always Right? (Seth Josel). Echoes From the Past: Richard Ford's Spain (Peter Danner). 


No. 2: The Birth of the Choro (Marcia Taborda). Preventing Musicians' Injuries: A Seven-Point Approach (Gerald Klickstein). Tempo Markings in Leo Brouwer's 20 Estudios Sencillos (Brad Mahon). Harmonic Alchemy: Luthier Stephen Kakos (Gary Lindner). Rubrics for the Classical Guitar (Paul Reilly).


No. 3: Foden, Segovia, Oyanguren... (Robert Ferguson). Antoine de Lhoyer (erik Stenstadvold). Transcribing the Gamba Music of Marin Marais (Cem Duruoz). How To Audition (Roger Allen Cope). Charles Wolzien on Early Guitar Literature: The Gigue. 


No. 4: Why Johnny Can't Read: An Essay on Pre-College Guitar Education in America (Gregg Goodhart). And the Woods Still Sing: A Survey of Woods Used in Classical Guitars (Gregory Byers).  The Guitar and the Suzuki Method: An Interview with Elio Galvagno (Anna Galasso). "Conde Claros": The Role of the Vihuela in the Development of Early Instrumental Music (Matt Blake). 


Volume 28 (2001)

$3 per issue

No. 1:  The Literary Origins of Castelnuevo-Tedesco's "Escarraman" (Richard Long). Sonara-Allegro Form in Carulli's Overture, Op. 6, No. 1 (Steven Zvengrowski). A Conversation with Antigoni Goni (Lawrence Del Casale). 


No. 2/3: Found: A Giulinai Guitar, Kept in a London Bank Since 1816 (Paul Pleijsier). Segovia Foundation Treasure Trove (Angelo Gilardino). Pain-Free Tuning (Gerald Klickstein). Venitienne (Jean Philippe Rameau Transc. Anthony Catalano).


No. 4: Extending Right-Hand Technique to Include the Little Finger (Charles Postlewate) (series). Schubert's Cantata for the Name-dat of His Father (Paul Hurley). Schubert's "Lost" Works for Guitar (Richard Long). An Early Hauser (Gordon Gross). An Interview with Douglas Alton Smith (Richard Savino). Barcelona, Cradle of The Modern Classical Guitar: The Llobert Archive Rediscovered (Robert Philips).



Volume 27 (2000)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Prelude XXI - Well Tempered Clavier, Book 1 J.S. Back (Transc. Richard Yates). Capuccino Rumba (Jubing Kristanto). 


No. 2: Three Short Pieces (Transc. Richard Yates). About My 1999-2000 GFA Tour (Denis Azabagic). 


No. 3/4: Guitar Piece for Piero Bonaquri James Phelan. Die Sennerin (Friedrich Schultz). Urlauber-Marsch (Josef Debuz). Expanding Your Horizons with Horizontal Scales (Mark Mazzatenta). Encounters - Maria Luisa Anido and the "Beasts of the North" (Introduction by David Reynolds).


Volume 26 (1999)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Epitafio a Garcia Lorca (Bodas de Sangre). Dreamland - Berceuse (Walter Burke). 


No. 2: Mazurka Op. 17, No. 4 (Trans. Richard Yates). Piece sur un theme Bulgare - Moderato ritmico (Atanas Ourkouzounov). Radio Soundboard (1978-1997) (John Schneider). 


No. 3/4: Fabio Zanon Concert Review (Brett Grigsby). Carioca (Trans. Spencer Doidge). The Re-imagining of Guitar Pedagogy (Christopher Berg). Between Two Worlds: A Duet for one Guitar (Marvin Falcon). You're Just in Love (Irving Berlin).


Volume 25 (1998)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Prelude a Mademoiselle Jeanne Leleu Maruice Ravel (Transc. Richard Yates). Sonata for Guitar I. (Vivace).


No. 2: Verso III - Fourth Organ Sonata (Domenico Zipoli Transc. Michael Patilla). The Global Guitar (Multiple Contributors).


No. 3: La Guitarra en Cataluna 1769-1939 (Brian Jeffrey). Giga (allegro) (Trans. Richard Savino). Casta Paloma (Babbuco Colombiano). Entre Las Penas (Babbuco Colombiano). Etude No. 10 (Antonio Cano). Fantasia Prima (1599) (Simone Molinaro). 


No. 4: Classical Sonatas for Guitar: An Interview with Anthony Glise (Thomas Reuther). Crossover Into the 21st Century (Marvin Falcon). Naima (John Coltrane Arr. Marvin Falcon).


Volume 24 (1997)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Joy-Box Fox Trot (A.J. Weidt Ed. Peter Danner). Giovanni Battiste de la Gostena (Richard Yates). Charles Wolzien on Early Guitar Literature. 


No. 2: Rethinking Guitar Pedagogy by Richard Provost (series). 


No. 3: Sonata K. 322 Allegro (Domencio Scarlatti Transc. Richard Yates). An Internet Update by James Reid. Between Two Worlds Irving Berlin (1887-1988). "...but the melody lingers on" (Marvin Falcon). They Say it's Wonderful from "Annie Get Your Gun" (Arr. Marvin Falcon).


No. 4: Petit Solo Op. 262, No. 2 (Ferdinando Carulli Ed. Peter Danner). The Epistemological Dilemma of Guitar Technique (Tom Poore). Simphonie (Henry Grenerin). 


Volume 23 (1996)

$3 per issue

No. 1: On the Primary Intent of Learning the Classical Guitar (Aaron Shearer). Tao for Guitar Players: Preventative and Compensatory Practices to Relive Occupational Ailments (Anthony Benz) (series). On Guitar Technique: Do We Really Know What We're Talking About? (Tom Poore). Guitar in the Classroom for the Visually Impaired (Richard Taesch). William Foden in His Own Words. Cello Suite No. 2: Allemande. 


No. 2: Mexico, the Guitar, and the Year 2000 (Kenny Hill). Prelude No. 22, Op. 11 (Alexander Scriabin). Get Out and Play (Matthew Hinsley). 


No. 3: The Merry Farmer (Tranc. Louis Romao). In Church (Transc. Richard Yates). Farewell to the Flowers (R.E. Hildreth). 


No. 4: Moonlit Meadows - Music for Children, Op. 65, No. 12 (Sergei Prokofiv, transc. Richard Yates). Cruise of the "Rambler" (E.R. Day). 


Volume 22 (1995)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Playing Polymeter on the Guitar (Dusan Bogdanovic). The 1995 Portland Guitar Festival (James Reid). Classical of Jazz: How Different Are They? (Robert Phillips). The Relevance of Mario Castelnuevo-Tedesco (Graham Wade). IV: Leandro Espinosa "A Voice From the North" (Alejandro Madrid). An Unknown French Song by Fernando Sor in Sweden (Kenneth Sparr). 


No. 2: The National Federation of Music Clubs Junior Festival: How Guitar Teachers and Students Can Participate and Grow (Jim McCutcheon). Creative Teaching Techniques with Young Students (Douglas Back). Creating a Basic Repertoire of Guitar Recordings (Jim Tosone). World Music: Transcriptions for the Guitar. Art Interview with Jack Body (tony Donaldson). Three Pieces from Henry's M'ethode (Annoted by Peter Danner). 


No. 3: The Transcriber's Art (Richard Yates). Prelude XIII Well Tempered Clavier (Transc. Richard Yates). Samuel Zyman: A Mexican Composer in New York. 


No. 4: Francois De Fossa's Edition for Guitar of Haydn Works (Jan de Kloe). Playing Lute Music on Guitar: A Conversation with Paul O'Dette & Pat O'Brien (Caroline Usher). Guido Santorsola (1904-1994) (Carazon Otero). Roy Courtnall, Lincolnshire Guitar Maker. William Foden in His Own Words (Ann. Petere Danner). To Miss Mary Powell (W.O. Bateman).



Volume 21 (1994)

$3 per issue

No. 1: How I Came to the Guitar (Carlos Barbosa-Lima). The Whole Fingerboard (John Duarte) (series). Concert Repertoire for Guitar & Mandolin Duo (Mark Davis). Senor Pujol Comes to London (Annotated by Peter Danner). Developing Speed with Music (Kevin Vigil). Good Technique: Some Bad Ideas Nos So Bad After All (Alice Artzt). Importing a Community and Pre-College Program (Alison Bert). Between Two Worlds (Column). 


No. 2: The Genius of Joe Pass (Ken Brown). Justin Holland: African-American Guitarist of the 19th Century (Barbara Clemenson). An Interview with David Russell (Douglas Bell). George Krick on Electric Guitars (Annotated by Peter Danner). Exercise and the Guitar (Matthew Hinsley). 


No. 3: Ivan Padovec (1800-1873) (Uros Dojcinovic). Kenny Hill: An Interview with Jean Marie Roest. Stage Presence - The Forgotten Art (Antony Glise). Score-Reading for Guitarists (John Giunta). Reading and Transcribing Tablature (Frank Koonce) (series). 


No. 4: The Suppression, Liberation, and Triumph of the Annular Finger: Right Hand Guitar Technique (Nelson Amos). An Interview with Ricardo Cobo (John Bent). David Russell Discusses Practicing and Performing (Joe Stallings). An Interview with Leo Brouwer and Alvaro Pierri (Joe Stallings). Teaching Guitar Through Metaphor (Bryan Townsend). Pepe Romero talks with Randy Sparks. 


Volume 20 (1993)

$3 per issue

No. 1: Frank Martin's Quatre Pieces Breves. A Comparative Study of the Available Sources (Jan de Kloe). I: Herbert Vazquez "Retaking Elements From the Tradition" (Alejandro Madrid).


No. 2: Discussing Rhythm (Michael Curtis). A Conversation with William Kanengiser (Douglas Bell). The Guitar Quartet: A Proposal (Federico Cordero). II: Ernesto Garcia De Leon "A Mexican Way of Continuing the Guitar Music Tradition" (Alejandro Madrid). Facing Our Biggest Problem (Paul Hurley). Start at the Top: Learning the Upper Fingerboard (Christ Kilvington). 


No. 3: January 8th, 1928: The moment of truth for the classical guitar in the United States (Guy Horn). Segovia Perceived: The American Reaction to Segovia's Arrival (Ronald Purcell). The Studies, Lessons & Exercises of Fernando Sor (Brian Jeffery). Performance-Related Medical Problems and the Guitarist (David Greene). An interview with Loris Chobanian (Brian Kozak). Three Young Mexican Composers: A Series of Interviews. Good Technique? The Top Ten List of Bad Ideas (Alison Bert). 


No. 4: Preparing for Graduate School (Douglas Bell). Developing the Suzuki Guitar Method (William Kossler). Some Thoughts on Teaching (John Duarte). Stephen Funk Pearson: An Interview with Steve Gabriel. 



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