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Soundboard Scholar Volume 2 Online Figures
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Soundboard Scholar 2 (2016)

Page 4, first paragraph: “A.F. Huerta” should read “A.T. Huerta” and his dates should be 1800–1874. Thanks to Robert Coldwell for catching these errors.

Page 18, second column: Due to a technical layout error, the last line of this column dropped from the page. A few words went missing. The sentence should read (with the restored words in italics): “Within that populist ethos, he carved out a place for the guitar, reinforcing the instrument’s European roots through such means as variation technique and virtuosity, while fostering the instrument’s unique adaptability through devices like open tunings and the treatment of popular themes.”


Copublished Figures and Documents


“Henry Worrall (1825–1902): American Guitarist,” by Robert Ferguson

SbS02.Worrall-1 Ohio Female College. Color illustration.

SbS02.Worrall-2 Somerville Literary Society program, 1856.

SbS02.Worrall-5 Autograph of Worrall’s letter to C.F. Martin, 1856.

SbS02.Worrall-7 Wesleyan Female College.

SbS02.Worrall-10 Worrall’s ID ticket for the Centennial Exhibition, 1876.

“New Biographical Insights into the Life and Times of Josef Kaspar Mertz,” by Andreas Stevens

SbS02.Mertz-1 Josephine Mertz' biography (1895) of J. K. Mertz.

“Giuliani’s Naples: A Walking Tour,” by Nicoletta Confalone and Grégory Leclair

Historical Illustrations to Complement “Giuliani’s Naples.”

SbS02.Giuliani-2 Recent Photographs to Complement “Giuliani’s Naples.”


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